Strategic Plans

1. Support the development and profile of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CBT) worldwide, while promoting equity, inclusion and diversity.

Proposed plans (2023- 2026)
1. Maintain monthly meetings of EC and Board
2. Complete MOU in Australasia
3. Determine a means to admit ALAPCCO to the WCCBT, through MOU or bylaw change
4. Develop by-law template and resources for national organizations
5. Develop regional association in Africa
6. Continue to map CBT organizations globally and provide contact information
7. Improve contact with WHO and other UN agencies

2. Develop a worldwide network to promote collaboration and to share information, and issues in CBT.

Proposed plans (2023- 2026)
1. World Congress in 2023 and 2026 and beyond
2. Create a standing procedural document and committee for World Congresses
3. Maintain communication devices, and especially eNews
4. Promote awareness within regional organizations; increasing visibility
5. Create media group or committee, including students from different parts of the world
6. Use the World Congress to stimulate communications

3. Promote and advocate for global mental health, CBT and evidence-based treatments.

Proposed plans (2023- 2026)
1. Develop targeted information sources (e.g., CBT and global crises; CBT and trauma)
2. Continue to seek out WHO, UN and other global partnerships
3. Conduct annual World CBT Day (on World Health Day) with increasing regional and global partners
4. Promoting access to CBT and CBT- informed therapies in local and regional areas through public health organizations

4. Develop and support CBT implementation through training policies and practice.

Proposed plans (2023- 2026)
1. Continue Training Committee’s work
2. Consider and approve foundational training standards
3. Use World Congress to promote excellence in training
4. Promote the development of online CBTs, including procedures, ethical frameworks, etc.
5. Use World CBT Days to promote training models and practice
6. Highlight work done by and highlight the priorities established by the training committee at the triannual World Congresses

5. Develop and support CBT research

Proposed plans (2023- 2026)
1. Form a research and ethics committee and determine function
2. Create policies and procedures to establish the research and ethics committee
3. Create global database on specific research themes
4. Promote research, innovation, and collaborations through eNews, conferences, website, and social media
5. Highlight work done by and highlight the priorities established by the training committee at the triannual World Congresses
6. Highlight work done by existing global initiatives
7. Connect researchers through a new web- based global research hub
8. Consider endorsement of or collaboration with a global journal or sponsor special issues across journals