Edgard PachecoPeru

    Psychology and particularly psychotherapy must necessarily be at the service of the people who need it most and of all those who want to live in well-being and harmony with others. As President of ALAMOC (Latin American Association of Analysis, Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy) I am a proactive person who develops leadership skills within the profession to which I dedicate myself with the utmost interest. My work is developed in three aspects, patient care, research and academic development. Bachelor in Psychology, from the Universidad Andina del Cusco; Master in Clinical Psychology, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia; Doctor in Health Sciences and Post Doctor in Ethics and Epistemology, from the Santa María Catholic University. Specialist in clinical and health psychology with registration of C.Ps.P. 00038, Diploma in psychotherapy and specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy certified by the University of Business and Social Sciences in the Postgraduate Department and by CATREC Center of application in rational emotive behavior therapy in Buenos Aires Argentina, recognized by the Albert Ellis Institute of New York at an advanced level. Also, I am trained in therapeutic intervention in ICT Brain integration techniques and P.E.T. Pain Erasing Technique (erased pain) in Argentina. Diploma in didactic of the university education and in pedagogy of superior level, trained in methodology of the quantitative and qualitative investigation. I am an international speaker recognized by the Resolution of the Andean University of Cusco since 2001. My teaching and research work at the Universidad Andina del Cusco full time, where I am a Senior Professor, I also develop administrative activities and university management, having played various positions in the last 26 years. I am currently Director of research and intellectual production management; He also teaches at the Graduate School at the César Vallejo University in the city of Lima. My teaching work also extends to Psicosex, the institute that trains cognitive behavioral therapists in Peru in the city of Lima. In INCOSAME in Mexico City and in the training of cognitive behavioral therapists that is dictated online from the ALAMOC platform through the CATREC in Buenos Aires, Argentina.